Monday, September 30, 2013

Great Falls

I love fall on the east coast! It's still early in the season, but being outside is so pleasant right now. We're trying to soak it all in by hiking on the weekends. We're planning to do Shenandoah National Park in a few weeks, and two weeks ago we hiked the Billy Goat trail at Great Falls. It was a lot of fun, and Ethan seemed to have a great time riding in his pack. Everyone stopped to chat with him and there were at least three comments of, "that baby is hiking faster/better than you!" amongst our trail companions (per the area norm the trails were busy). Here are a few pictures of our hike, and just a couple shots of dinner once we got home.
Ready to go! 

I didn't take a lot of pictures during the hike. I've concluded I'm not a "hike and shoot" kind of girl. I have too much trail-conquering drive. 

Post-dinner goof ball
My pretty "Just Because" roses, Wes must really love me. 

Apple yogurt cake...yummo!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Super E!

One of my favorite gifts that Ethan received for his birthday is Super E! (! is a mandatory part of the name). Super E! is a custom Dandelion Doll who is adorable, and sturdy, which is important as his owner is 13 months old. Initially Ethan was not all that interested in forming an alliance of cutie power. But in the last week he has reconciled his differences and they have bonded together to fight scary monkeys and bring cuteness into every room of the house.
 I got a few pictures a couple days ago while we were playing. Enjoy the nearly unbearable cuteness of the Ethan and Super E! team. :)

Super E! Who has an adorable mask that he'll have to wait about 2 years to wear.

Best buds

Ethan spots trouble

to the rescue! 

That scary George has finally been apprehended. 

The Park

There are a lot of fun things about summer, one of them is that you spend more time outside. This being Ethan's first summer I wanted to broaden his horizon, and get him some fresh air. Easier said than done when your outdoor space is the size of a postage stamp, it's hot, and you're away from home most days.  I did not do well before Brazil, but he clearly loved being outside there so I am making an effort to visit some of the parks around the city. On Labor Day we went to one in Arlington that's on my running loop, it was hot so after about 15 mins at the park we had to leave and eat some froyo. It was a good way to get outside, and something we're trying to do several times a week before that mythical thing called winter is upon us. 

He likes the swing

Very skeptical about the slide

Then he found something to push! 

Yep, that's still is favorite. 

Blue sky!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Fine Art and a Cuppa

As the title of the blog implies, I had lofty intentions of posting one thing everyday. It only took one day for me to realize that wasn't going to happen, at least not this year. So I have changed my goal to blog for at least one year as often as I can. It's been longer than I intended between posts, I'm backed up by 3, so look out!
Over labor day weekend Karen flew in to spend some time with us (thanks Ren!). It was so good to catch up! We went to the National Gallery of Art on Saturday and fulfilled one of my personal goals of having a cup of tea there before the cafe closed. We barely made it, but I had my cuppa, complete with wonderful conversation and strawberries Romanov. After wards we explored the galleries and each pick a favorite painting of the day. Unfortunately, it's been long enough that I don't remember them. But, if you come for a visit I can show you! Ethan had a good time too, mostly because he got to run around :) At least he knows what his priorities are.
This baby is a fast runner! Look out olympics 2032! 

At least we're both looking at the camera!

Enough mom! I don't want to sit in your lap!

Eventually he decided art was boring and took a nap. 

Later that evening he climbed into the basket, it was a little odd. 

Eric came to visit too! He missed the art, but Ethan showed him the cars on King St. 

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


We're back from Brazil; it was truly an amazing time. I am excited to see what things the Lord highlights for me as start normal life. But, there are a few things that I just know. The Presence of the Lord met me there and my spirit feels so refreshed. Cold showers and no AC really aren't that big of a deal. I love being around my family, and meeting new Spirit brothers and sisters. They are all so amazing, and talented, and unique, and together we were all parts of one Body, and really I'm just thankful to be a part of it. Listening to Portuguese is fun, to my untrained ear it sounds like Spanish on an extended Italian holiday. 
After two weeks of a new, full, Jesus-family focused environment I'm back to work. Ouch. I had no idea how hard it would be to leave Ethan. Every time I get to spend a lot of time around him I relearn how much fun he is, and how I love being his momma. At work I had one phone message over two weeks; I'm really in demand here, from the detailer who is handling my resignation. He said that it will probably not be approved for July, but that I would have to stay until December of 2014. For a momma who is aching over one day away from her baby..I should be rewarded for not crying at my desk. I cranked the worship music up, and poured my heart out to the Lord. I counted my gifts, and worshipped with thanksgiving. He is good, He loves Ethan and me more than I can imagine, and I feel like He is giving me strength. I still might need a good cry when I get home, but I am going to believe the Lord for His amazing work to pour out of my life in the next 18 months. I will declare that Jesus is trustworthy, and so good to me. 

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the trip. I get a big fat ZERO in the photo credit department, thanks Callie and Dad Lyons!
This is the bathroom window in Leticia's home. It is so striking when compared with the rest of the home. 

Beach day was so much fun! The water was the perfect temperature, and the waves were just the right size.

With my love. 

He prefers to push rather than ride. He did this for hours. 

Little feet, finally still. 

You don't have teach boys to love cars. 
Prayer house beauty. 


Just like this one. 

Bath time! 

He's happy, really. 

Chilling out together. 

Not a fan of having Aunt Callie time interrupted by paparazzi :)

Loves his nephews!

We missed these girls! We need you to even out the testosterone!

Gigi has magic napping powers!Resistance is futile. 

Friday, August 9, 2013

That Hat

I made a cute little birthday hat for Ethan. I was inspired by pinterest, and I had hopes that it would be a cute prop in a 1 year photo shoot. Alas, he hates the hat, and I haven't really done the photo shoot yet. We did a practice session and Ethan did not need words to convey how he felt about it.

These pictures happened in about 1 second of our time-space continuum. I'm thankful for my quick camera!

Looks so proud of himself :) OK Ethan, you win, no more hat. 

We leave for Brazil on Monday, so excited! Maybe I'll have some pictures to post that include more than Ethan making silly faces.